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knooing is a pioneer for intelligent and digital knowledge management.

Our solution is used especially in demand, vendor, and portfolio management for corporations and large enterprises. knooing is AI-based and changes particularly our customers’ sourcing and procurement process to be easier, faster, and more sustainable in a way that has not been done before.

While there are various single solutions on the market that want to optimize existing processes, our approach is from the users’ point of view by changing inefficient procedures, cutting unnecessary detours, and delivering user-specific solutions. The scope has no limits.

knooing stands for change and a different way of how to use corporate knowledge. We are just at the beginning, so let us grow together.

Portfolio Optimization

​knooing allows you to always have transparency of your existing vendor landscape broken down to capability level.

Vendor Consolidation

​Easily identify with knooing vendor capability overlaps as well as cost-cutting opportunities to save for example license costs.

Innovation Scouting

​Stay competitive and gain professional advantage by detecting new technologies or discovering hidden champions.

Solution Benchmarking

​Use knooing as objective evaluation instance based on your individual comparison requirements.

Process Digitization

​Make your Rfx processes more efficient by digitizing your sourcing processes and interconnecting the various stakeholders.

Building In-House Knowledge DB

​Increase your performance sustainability by leveraging and reutilizing data and knowledge collected from previous projects, databases and stakeholders.

FOCUS GROUP Why should you use AI in procurement?

AI can support procurement staff to save time and money.

By automating processes, resources can be redirected to other tasks and decisions can be made faster.
In addition, you can use the data to gain insights and drive your purchasing intelligence by harnessing what people are buying and identify trends.
The AI enables you to have an increased visibility and control over spend so that you can easily ensure that the vendors are giving you the best value.

With knooing's help our customers can optimize their procurement processes. This also includes a sustainable Vendor Management:

knooing transforms procurement by leveraging knowledge.


Depending on the need and the intended use we offer you different application possibilities:

Clarify Demand


Market Research



Do you need direction and different solution ways how to approach your individual situation?


Are you looking for a specific solution with a requirement list that needs to be fulfilled?


Our technology can understand your request, filter relevant criteria and propose a market overview of the best fitting solutions.

With our knooing Matrix you can then easily compare which solution and provider fulfills which criteria and requirement.

That way you gain visibility of your demand and receive a neutral and comprehensive analysis of the entire market, including hidden champions.

Bench- mark


Active Vendors



You aim to search for a solution within your own active vendor landscape.



Within minutes, you can find out which of your already used providers offer services or products to solve your new project.

At the same time, knooing also shows you which exact capabilities are already utilized from this vendor.

Again, you can compare the vendors directly in our criteria based Matching Matrix.

That way you can save costs for new projects, make fact based decisions and tap the full potential of your active vendors.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

The different use cases for knooing

Get an insight on what we can do for you and your individual requirements:

Portfolio Optimization and Vendor Consolidation

Customers are looking to save license costs by consolidating their application portfolio. But how can they select the right solutions based on business requirements without having in-depth knowledge of all capabilities of the existing landscape? This is where knooing can help. Our technology analyzes the existing applications and vendors, and then automatically matches the new business inquires with them. This way customers receive data-driven assistance to make the right decision based on their individual needs. knooing allows the customer to always have transparency of their existing vendor landscape broken down to capability level. Thereby they can easily identify overlaps as well as cost cutting/saving opportunities.

Sustainable Vendor Usage and Benchmarking

Customers want to save resources within contract (re)negotiations and make sustainable new investment decisions for long-term strategical and operational success. However, the effort to constantly challenge and benchmark existing vendors and additionally compare them to the external market in the daily business, brings even experts to their (capacity) limits. With knooing, customers can now easily transfer these tasks onto the platform where they can directly oppose actively used vendors against new suppliers depending on their individual business requirements. Thereby they can then leverage competitive effects and find new potential suppliers on the market that are more advanced or cost-efficient.

Innovation Scouting

Customers want to stay competitive and gain professional advantage by detecting and using new technologies or discovering hidden champions. The efforts to find and evaluate new vendors can be time intense and arbitrary. Additionally, new tech-companies often don’t have the means to put themselves on the radar with expensive marketing measurements. But how can they be found? Innovation Scouts use knooing as objective evaluation instance that scans the entire market quickly, holistically, and neutrally, solely based on the individual business criteria. This makes the results not only comparable but also structures the entire procedure in a measurable way.

Procurement Process Digitization

Customers want to make their Rfx processes more efficient by digitizing and streamlining the different steps along the Procurement channel and interconnecting the various stakeholders. In order to allow such a universal approach, knooing integrates directly in the customers’ procurement systems and works as single source of truth for the entire process. knooing’s functionalities unify Vendor Management, Business Demand Management, Innovation Scouting and Purchase Processing for a lean and effective Procurement. Moreover, it is equally available for Business, IT and Procurement which allows an easy collaboration and communication.

Building In-House Knowledge Database

Customers want to increase their performance sustainability by leveraging and reutilizing data and knowledge collected from previous projects, different stakeholders, various databases, and intangible experiences. Knowledge is often distributed unevenly and is not accessible for everyone. knooing offers an intelligent way of collecting and storing the entire knowledge regarding vendors, capabilities, projects, contracts, white papers, references, evaluations, personal input, and more in one place. The information can be analyzed comprehensively and accurately retrieved in seconds based on the individual requirement.

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