Leverage your active Vendor Landscape like never before with our Purchasing Co-Pilot


Our solution is tailored for corporations and large enterprises grappling with extensive data of contracted vendors, software, and services. Often the information is scattered across different sources from various units, systems, countries, or business settings.

As a result, obtaining the much-needed transparency and insight to detect available solutions becomes a struggle. Additionally, when new procurement requests arise, the absence of a unified database hampers a swift assessment and structured comparisons with the demanded requirements. This manual process is time-intensive, prone to mistakes, and can lead to biased decision-making.

With our Purchasing Co-Pilot, we introduce an AI-based Assistant to streamline your Sourcing experience. Firstly, it consolidates all your data into a harmonized vendor and solution Pool, eliminating data silos, language barriers or linguistic variations. Secondly, it automatically matches your procurement requests against this universal database, simplifying and accelerating your decision-making process.

Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks, and data chaos and embrace the power of Purchasing Co-Pilot—the ultimate AI-driven solution that revolutionizes Procurement for your organization. Gain transparency, efficiency, and accuracy, and let us help you soar to new heights in your Sourcing journey.

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Let us unify variations of vendor names or software duplicates from different units to give you a consistent base to work with.

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Let us bring all the different data sources together from different systems or countries to one centralized data base.

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A list of your vendors’ names and their website is all we need to start setting you up.

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Simply provide a list of your used products and we can start crawling the information about the products from the web.

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Add your own description of solutions that you can view within Matching results to know exactly in what context a vendor, software or service is used.

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Our Crawlers enrich the data you have given us with further input about your vendors and solutions from the web to enhance your matching results.



You want to use our Purchasing Co-Pilot. What happens now?

During the initial step, we will discuss with you the ideal Matching approach that aligns perfectly with your objectives. While external Matching is always included, the focus here primarily revolves around the internal Matching Process. The crucial question we’ll address is whether you prefer to match your requests on vendor or product level.

In the next step, you provide a list of your contracted vendors and optionally your actively used products like software and services. This step can be as simple as submitting an Excel file or connecting our Purchasing Co-Pilot to your systems, like SAP Ariba. (Explore more about our SAP Ariba Extension here.)

After the necessary data clearing and harmonization, we also enhance your data by adding more vendor and product information. To achieve this, our advanced technologies diligently scour the web for insights from software marketplaces, press releases, third-party mentions, and market research that contain additional information about your vendors and products.

Once the data is enriched and verified, you can start using the internal Matching for your requests.

With the Purchasing Co-Pilot you can leverage your vendor and solution data to search within your contracted vendor pool for new Procurement requests. We offer three different ways of Internal Matching to accomplish that:

Vendor Matching

Software Matching

Services Matching

Based on your preferences, you can choose if a Vendor or Product based Matching works best for you.


Depending on the need and the intended use we offer you different application possibilities:

External Matching

What external software fit my requirements best?

Ideal to

  • get a market overview and compare software on individual requirements.

  • gather information for tender or Sourcing requests.

  • to find niche suppliers.

Software Matching

What contracted vendors fit my requirements best based on my bought software?

Ideal to

  • uncover spend optimization opportunities on a software level

  • find duplicates on a software level

  • to build a unified and clear knowledge base across units and countries.

Vendor Matching

What contracted vendors fit my requirements best based on their entire offerings?

Ideal to

  • leverage frame contracts and reuse established vendors.

  • to challenge contracted vendors for contract negotiations.

  • to compare active vendors with external market to avoid outdated solutions.

Services Matching

What contracted vendors fit my requirements best based on my bought services?

Ideal to

  • uncover spend optimization opportunities on a services level

  • find duplicates on a services level

  • to build a unified and clear knowledge base across units and countries.

Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact us.


To understand better what you can search for with our Purchasing Co-Pilot, we listed you some examples of requests:

Asset Lifecyle Management (Software)

The customer wanted to optimize asset profitability throughout their lifecycle by implementing an Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution. The chosen platform allowed for easy acquisition, operation, maintenance, upgrades, and disposal of assets. It also supported workflow capabilities and seamless data exchange with CRM systems. The system offered a multi-tenant environment, allowing different teams to access and manage various asset data. It accommodated different asset types like SMART meters, Solar Panels, and EV Charging. With a flexible and scalable architecture, the solution integrated APIs, followed Open Standards, ensured security compliance, and provided comprehensive reporting and MI capabilities.

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Backup Solution (Software)

The customer sought a technical solution for the compliant archiving of email and other digital communications. The solution was required to meet legal requirements (GoBD, HGB, UStG, AO, DSGVO), ensure original and tamper-proof archiving, comply with retention periods and GDPR, and support various communication channels (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack). The solution needed to offer flexible deployment options (cloud/on-premises/hybrid), integrate with Active Directory for user management, and provide data security measures like certification, audits, and encryption (IRM).


Big Data Consultancy (Service)

The customer was looking for IT consulting firms experienced in setting up and enabling complete data journeys. The scope included data democratization, designing and implementing data architectures and strategies, data science and analytics, data lake architecture using technologies like Snowflake, Talend, MS Azure, and PowerBI, as well as data governance and discoverability. Alignment of the data strategy framework with the overall business strategy, individual business stream strategies, IT strategy, and information security strategy was also required. Expertise in the energy/utilities, finance, and pharma industries was preferred. Offshore system integrators were not considered, as strategic partners were already engaged for implementation.


GIS Solution (Software)

The customer sought a Geo Information System (GIS) solution with SAP integration specifically tailored for the utility industry. The GIS system was required to handle infrastructure mapping and provide comprehensive utility industry functionalities. Integration with SAP systems was essential to enable seamless data exchange and streamlined workflows. The solution needed to support efficient management of geospatial data, analysis, and visualization for improved decision-making in the utility sector.

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Network Security (Service)

The customer, operating in the industry sector globally with multiple sites and a significant number of employees, sought a network security service provider. The desired service could be either self-managed using on-premise software or provided as a managed service. The vendor was expected to address various threats including malware, web-based attacks, phishing, data breaches, and more. Network security needed to cover assets such as clients, servers, databases, and networks, and include functionalities such as perimeter establishment, network security zones, VPNs, access control, DDoS protection, secure remote access, IDS monitoring, IPS prevention, and web application firewall.

Security Sign

Vulnerability Management (Service)

External support was required for Vulnerability Management services due to the volume and specialized skills needed. The Tenable Vulnerability Scan Tools, in combination with an internal tool, were used for scanning and reporting. Support services were sought for operative scanning, data management, process documentation, operational support, and 3rd level activities such as firewall activation and process automation.




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