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Wer are a young company with roots that go back. Our company history began when Carsten Hochschon took over the duties of Managing Director of the Blu Group in August 2013. Within the group he founded a Consulting GmbH. After a management buy-out, the knooing GmbH was founded. In 2016, we began to intensively test and validate our AI-based Matching Platform – with pleasing results, which were shortly afterwards confirmed by the first customers as well. Since 2018 knooing exists in its present form – technological, data-based and innovative.



Encouraging digitization

Democratizing IT

Faster and better results

Your IT infrastructure linked with our Platform

Encouraging digitization

As a technological and innovative company we have one task: We want to promote innovation and digitization. For this we detect real innovations, trends and hidden champions. We can help you to optimize outdated structures and worn-out processes. For every project we can find the best fitting solution for your individual requirements. Without external consultants. Without costly and time-consuming sourcing processes. Simply by using artificial intelligence intelligently.

Democratizing IT

In our vision everyone can find IT solutions – not only IT experts. Our Matching Platform should be considered as digital consultant by using its artificial intelligence. That way we want to enable every staff member to find a solution for their own projects that require the use of technologies – easily and transparently. In our opinion IT and technology should be made available and comprehensible for everyone instead of being mystified as something dark and unknown.

Faster and better results

The process to decide which tool or system is the right one for a project can be long and exhausting. And that is where we want to help. We deliver fast, objective and understandable results. Our AI learns continuously and becomes more technologically advanced each day with each request and each Matching. It customizes itself constantly and adjusts to the requirements while remaining unbiased and neutral.

Your IT infrastructure linked with our Platform

Our Matching Platform can already be linked with internal systems and databases.

– This can lead to a better cooperation between departments thanks to its universal applications.
– The Platform provides an overview of desired shadow IT and creates more flexibility.
– From a compliance perspective, it can create an overview of all systems used.


Carsten Hochschon, CEO

How knooing was started. Or: An idea was born.

Our origins and history

Meeting a wide variety of requirements

‘I have been working in the IT sector for over 20 years and have experienced a lot. The idea of knooing came to me over ten years ago. At that time, I was the project manager for a large outsourcing project. My task: the worldwide consolidation of infrastructures. Because many different services had to be merged, the technical effort was enormous. I was faced with the typical problems that every project or procurement manager knows: the coordination, the organization as well as the integration into existing systems were extremely demanding. In addition, there was a high work and time pressure, the resources should remain manageable and, of course, a solution had to be found as fast as possible.’

No one should depend on coincidence

‘I spent six months searching and researching. It was only by accident that I finally came across a provider that had exactly the right appliances which allowed the services to be standardized. However, the delay in the project made the situation very critical. Both on the user and on the provider side, there were great risks. And that was when I thought to myself, It can’t be that you can find such a solution that fixes all problems, only by accident.

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It doesn’t have to be the same for others

‘I had an idea: What if there was a system that was able to find the right technology after entering my requirements? Directly, easy and fast. That would have saved me a lot of time and nerves. I wanted to give others who are facing the same problem the support I lacked at the time but which would have made my life a lot easier.’

From idea to implementation

‘It took some time for knooing to emerge from the idea to the company. Years of research have been conducted. We had to wait until the market was really ready for the idea. In 2016, we started to develop the system and tested it intensively. Then, in 2018, we went live with it for the first time. Since then, we have been constantly developing the Machting Platform further and incorporated new features. In the end I want you as procurement or project manager or other person in charge, to be able to find the solution that best meets your requirements – fast and easy.‘


What we believe in

Humans before machines

We deal with a lot of technology. We built our platform on Artificial Intelligence. But the human aspect always comes first for us.

Everybody counts

Just as a solution consists of many different components, a business can only be as good as the collaboration of all parties. This applies to our work regarding the knooing team but also to our partners and customers.

Work is meaningful

Working is much more than doing tasks. At knooing, work means developing and growing beyond own limits. The important part is though, to not forget the fun either.

Only with passion something new can be born

We are committed, completely and passionately. The affinity to technology and the development of new solutions is in our DNA. Only in this way we can detect innovations and recognize the trends of tomorrow.

Freedom inspires

Everyone has different talents and strengths. We want to promote them and not force anyone into ready-made roles. People who think out fo the box are our people. Because they provide new ideas and new solutions.


Carsten Hochschon

Carsten Hochschon

Founder & CEO

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Finance & Strategy


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HR & Operations

Internal processes

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